Jordan Smith

I am a web developer located in Roswell, Georgia and am interested in developing functional and elegant code. I have experience developing applications in Angular, DotNet, Rails, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and Java. You can contact me using any of the links below.

ATForecast Android App April 2017


ATForecast is an open source weather app specifically for shelters and campsites along the Appalachian Trail with the goal of fast load times. You can search via GPS and weather is available to view offline.

ATForecast Android App

ATForecast March 2017

RailsPostgreSQLJavaScriptHTMLCSS is an open source weather data aggregator specifically for shelters and campsites along the Appalachian Trail with the goal of fast load times.

ATForecast Enhancement Suite May 2015


This is a Google Chrome extension that adds additional functionality to the Achievement list. This extension allows you to filter achievements based on their locked status as well as searching their names and descriptions. Enhancement Suite

Smartwatch Picker April 2015


Smartwatch Picker is an app created to allow users to find a smartwatch that fits their needs. It asks the user a series of simple questions and then displays the results to them. The prices are grabbed dynamically using Amazon's API.

Smartwatch Picker

Game Loadouts May 2014


Game Loadouts is a portal for finding the best ways to outfit your weapons in your favorite games.

Game Loadouts

Grind Bucket March 2015


Grind Bucket is a website for finding out what the level cap, top rank, or max points are for your favorite game.

Grind Bucket

Release DB February 2015


Release DB lets you find/add/edit any upcoming release dates for various products.

Release DB

Classroom Schedule January 2015


Using this application allows you to search for a classroom's weekly schedule for the current semester.

Classroom Schedule